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Roland S-760

The Roland S-760 Sampler is easy to use and easy to handle with individual outputs and EQ for each channel, monitor, mouse, remote control and graphic tablet. It sounds warm and the digital filters are very good. This Sampler is one of the underestimated Samplers.

* 4 Mono Out
* 8 digital I/O with the optional OP-760-1 Expansion Board
* Headphones
* Stereo/Mic In
* Internal RAM expandable up to 32 Mbytes using standard 72-pin no-parity 60nsec SIMMs
* Video Out (VGA/SVGA monitor)
* Mouse Connector
* Digital EQ programmable per output and input while sampling and during playback
* Reads the Akai S-1000 & S-1100 sample libraries
* Reads previous S-series native format floppy disks
* DT-100 graphic tablet (released in 1987 for use with the S-50)
* RC-100 remote control unit (released in 1988 for use with the S-550)
* CD-5 CD Player (released in 1989 for use with the W-30 and SP-700)
* MO-7 540Mb magneto-optical drive (released in 1989 for use with the S-770)
* 3,5 Floppy

S-760 Infopage

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