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MFB Modular System

MFB was founded in 1976 by engineer Manfred Fricke. So far there were more than some hundred products constructed and distributed. A lowcost drummachine was introduced in 1979. (98 DM for the self construction kit). In 1980 the legendary drumcomputer MFB-501 was finished and sold. Although it was not the most prominent drumcomputer of that time it surely was one of the best selling drum units in Germany. Some shops sold ten times more MFB-501s than Roland TR-808s. More products for the musician followed, such as the Digital-Sequencer MFB-601 and the digital drum machine MFB-512. All of these featured rich products were offered at exceptional low prices.

MFB OSC-01 Triple DCO

* 3 Digital-Controlled OSC * 2 different saws (analog & digital) * Common and individual CV-Control * 2 x Pulswidth-Modulation * Internal and external hardsync * Digitally Ringmodulation

MFB DRUM-02 Percussion

* 5 analouge Drum-Sounds * Dynamic trigger inputs * Decay tuning knobs for all voices


* 2 analoge Drum-Sounds (bassdrum & snare) * Dynamic trigger inputs * Bassdrum with attack and decay * Snaredrum with tune, noise and decay * Single out for the Noise-Generator

MFB SEQ-01 Drum-Sequencer

* Trigger-Sequencer with 32 steps * 12 trigger outs * 3 Accent-Ranges per step programmable * 16 Storage locations

MFB VD-01 Videoscope

* 2 Audio inputs * Samplefrequency max. 1 MHz * Positive or negative Trigger-Mods * 3 different Display-Mods * AC- or DC- in * Freeze-Function The System is available @ Mai 2007.

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