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Roland System 100

The whole System consists of five components, the Synthesizer 101, the Expander 102, Mixer 103, Sequencer 104, and Monitor Speaker 109.

Synthesizer 101:
This is a self-contained semi-modular synthesizer with a 37-note (F-F) keyboard. It features an ADSR, LFO, Portamento, a VCO (with pulse width modulation and a tuning knob marked in Hz from 10Hz to 10kHz), white or pink noise, an audio mixer (with sliders for VCO, Noise, and External Input), a high-pass filter, a low-pass VCF, and a VCA with input for LFO. There are also buttons for auto-glide and manual-glide and an A-440Hz tuning oscillator. All of this in 21 sliders, five knobs, 14 mini-jack sockets, seven switches, and three 1/4" jacks (for headphone and high and low outputs).

Expander 102:
Instead of glide controls, the 102 has a sample-and-hold module with variable lag time, and instead of noise, the 102 has a ring modulator. The 102 also features weak and strong sync inputs and a mix cascade jack socket instead of the tuning oscillator.

Mixer 103:
This was a simple 4 X 2 mixer/amplifier, featuring panning, mono F/X send and return, VU meters, a built in reverb, as well as separate left and right speaker and line outputs.

Sequencer 104:
The 104 is a 12 X 2 step sequencer, featuring variable gate time, series or parallel configuration, switchable ranges, and buttons for Start, Continue, Stop, and Step.

Speaker 109:
Actually a pair of 16cm 3.5W speakers in angled boxes.

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