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Fame 5050AM Studiomonitore

Low price box with a high class sound!!! 

The Fame 5050AM is the least shoot of the brand new Fame studio-monitor line! Its body is build out of high value, extremely rough and extra aligned for this box MDF. The beautiful look gets the box from its brown side parts out of matt brilliant veneer. Technical identical with its brothers 5080AM and 5060 Am, you get this Box with an 5 woofer and a complete new " Tweeter. The Fame 5050 AM is amplified with 50W for the woofer and 25W for the Tweeter.  

 Features from the Fame 5050 AM Studiomonitor: 
  • 5 Woofer 
  • " Tweeter 
  • 50W nd 25W HF 
  • Extremely rough 
  • Matt brilliant veneer 
  • frequency response: 65Hz to 20 kHz 
  • distortion: < 2%

Doepfer Dark Energy

Monophonic Analog Synthesizer with USB, Midi and CV/Gate Interface.

Jomox T-Resonator

The T-Resonator transforms timely events into an analog feedbacked filter network.
It is about time...

to care about the TIME.

"T" stands for time.

What comes out of it? Well, it may change your perception of time. Maybe that you just forget the *time* and dive into a universe of weird sounds that you are just about to produce with this little box.

The T-Resonator is something like an M-Resonator + Delay. But, as we know the whole is more than the sum of its parts...just listen to it.

Available mid March.

MFB Modular System

MFB was founded in 1976 by engineer Manfred Fricke. So far there were more than some hundred products constructed and distributed. A lowcost drummachine was introduced in 1979. (98 DM for the self construction kit). In 1980 the legendary drumcomputer MFB-501 was finished and sold. Although it was not the most prominent drumcomputer of that time it surely was one of the best selling drum units in Germany. Some shops sold ten times more MFB-501s than Roland TR-808s. More products for the musician followed, such as the Digital-Sequencer MFB-601 and the digital drum machine MFB-512. All of these featured rich products were offered at exceptional low prices.

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Roland Chorus Echo 501

Used as a delay/echo, the Chorus Echo is said to produce an unpredictable delay that is warm and gritty sounding. The Chorus Echo is also capable of producing a large variety of its own sound effects, even without an input signal (by turning the intensity control to maximum and allowing the unit to self-regenerate, while manipulating the tape speed and other controls).

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Roland S-760

The Roland S-760 Sampler is easy to use and easy to handle with individual outputs and EQ for each channel, monitor, mouse, remote control and graphic tablet. It sounds warm and the digital filters are very good. This Sampler is one of the underestimated Samplers.

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Roland CR-78

Roland CR78 - analouge Drummachine (1978) - used from Phil Collions for "in the Air tonight".

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Roland System 100

The whole System consists of five components, the Synthesizer 101, the Expander 102, Mixer 103, Sequencer 104, and Monitor Speaker 109.

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Casio RZ-1 Patchbay Mods

The Casio RZ-1 is a member of that rarest of breeds, the sampling drum machine.
With a grand total of 12 sounds that seem to have been recorded from a passing bus, and space for four short 12 bit samples the RZ-1 was never going to be right at the top of anyones kit lust list (and theres a phrase you don't hear everyday), but what really makes the RZ cool is its sheer crapness.
The sounds punch and flap like someone battering you around the head with a plank of balsa wood, the timing has mechanical 'Daft Punk'ness' written all over it and the tiny amount of RAM assigned to each sample pad can be spliced together into one big sample (about 1.5 seconds).
Combine this with individual outputs and volume sliders for each sound, and the kind of build quality you could uses to beat wales to death (and yes, we do mean the country) and you have a machine that passes through coolness and out the otherside into the realm of uber-cool.

MAQ16/3 MIDI Analog Sequencer

Fans of vintage analog sequencers will be glad of the MAQ16/3. It combines the creative potential of an analog sequencer with the advantages of MIDI. MAQ16/3 outputs the sequencing data both as control voltages (CV) and as MIDI events. MIDI Out of the MAQ may be connected to MIDI In of any sound generating MIDI device (Expander, Sampler, Synthesizer) or to a sequencer recording the MAQ data.

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JoMoX MBase01

The MBase01 can do only one thing, but it does it right: Phatt kick drums!!

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Macbeth M3X

Der M3X ist ein extrem hochwertiger, monophoner Synthesizer aus dem nordischen Schottland von MacBethStudiosystems. Das nachtscharze 19'' Rackgert ist nur aus besten Einzelteilen gefertigt, hochwertige Verarbeitung ermglicht intuitive Bedienung und generiert edle Analog-Sounds im vintage Design.

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Future Retro Mobius

Desktopsequencer like Tb-303 Der Mobius von Future Retro ist ein voll Midi- und CV/Gate-fhiger One-Track-Sequenzer. Insgesamt stehen 256 Speicherpltze fr Patterns zur Verfgung, die im laufenden Betrieb editiert werden knnen. Zahlreiche Bearbeitungsmglichkeiten und diverse Ausgnge nicht nur fr CV/Gate machen den Mobius zu einem echten Sequenzer-Highlight insbesondere fr Benutzer von modularen Systemen.

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